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Window and door contractors in Connecticut & New York

AREA RENOVATION has installed windows and doors across the Connecticut and New York area for residential, commercial, industrial, and public clients.

Our initial experiences date back to Southeastern Europe more than 18 years ago in the production and installation of doors and windows. We quickly converted to the American style with our move to the United States.

We specialize in installing doors, windows, glass facades, and balconies in residential and commercial buildings. We can say, without hesitation, that we are one of the best replacement windows companyes in Stamford, CT.


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Why should the windows be replaced?

As we mentioned above, the windows need to be repaired or replaced for many reasons, but the question is how much it costs the new windows will cost and what the benefits are.

We work every business day, and we meet with too many different homes and homeowners. Each home has windows in different conditions; each has different dimensions, insulation, cooling system, heating system, location, conditions, homeowners and much more. We mentioned those characteristics because all of them together have connections with windows.

We use many different types of windows in different locations depending on the budget, area zoon code, type of house, style, and much more. Still, we need to maintain all the brands we use are certified by relevant towns or cities. All of the brands we used are energy-saving windows.

What are the benefits of replacing old windows and doors?

When a homeowner has decided to replace his old windows and doors, he has made an intelligent decision. We say wise decision for some reasons:

But the problem of the homeowner continues over here. After they decide for window replacement, homeowners need to find the right window and door contractors, which is only one call far away; call us today to get a free inspection, estimate, and more ideas, and protect your house.

Installation process

Why should the doors be replaced?

Every detail of a house affects the improvement of living in that house, and one essential detail is our doors.

It is elementary to know when the doors need to repair or replaced:

Doors Installation process

It is vital to follow all instructions in the manual to door replacement or install a door. A new, poorly installed door differs little or not at all from an old door because the moment the door is installed incorrectly, it loses its efficiency, does not close properly, is scratched on the floor or in the door frame, gets wind, rain or even snow, and to avoid all these kinds of problems you should contact us and the problem with your doors will not be there anymore.

Are you looking for a door contractor in Connecticut and New York?

Are you looking for an apartment building window replacement in Stamford? We would be happy to speak with you, address any inquiries, and arrange a visit if you want to learn more about replacing or installing windows and doors in Connecticut, CT.


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